The Connection between Covid Vaccines and Adverse Effects

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

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The Temporal Connection

The Mechanistic Connection - Clotting

The Mechanistic Connection - Nerve Damage

The Mechanistic Connection - Autoimmune Disease

Micro-Clotting Always Occurs

The spike protein, when added to healthy blood, induces clotting with a mechanistic certainty. Take ANY healthy blood, add a few drops of Spike protein, and it will clot - because the Spike protein is a clotting agent. It is not a question of IF, but only of HOW MUCH. When tested with the D-DIMER test, micro-clots have been found to occur in 62% of people vaccinated.

Effects of Micro-Clotting

Clotting leads to an attentuation of blood to tissues - obviously resulting in cell death and tissue damage. A tissue deprived of blood, and of the vital oxygen and nutrients that blood provides, will be damaged. This damage will be pervasive - occurring in what ever tissue is exposed to the spike-producing LNPs within the vaccine.


Even when clotting does not produce damage to vital organs, it will result in a decline of health, experienced as a faster onset of fatigue, incapacity to sustain effort, difficulty in maintaining activities.

People Can See the Connection

When people die or become disabled within 24 hours of vaccination, people notice. The onset of the symptoms leading to their death is often immediate. Common sense tells them there is a connection. They know.

The testimonies of these people is further evidence of the connection between the vaccines and adverse effects.

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