Recent Batches

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Health Warning :

Here are the latest updates from VAERS showing the most recent batches and their association with harm. This page is updated monthly.  Donate

Batches distributed in the USA - September 13th 2021 to December 14th 2021

Batches distributed in other countries outside of the USA - September 13th 2021 to December 14th 2021

These excel sheets will give you an idea of which batches are currently in circulation, and which ones are associated with the most harm. Some batches appear to be associated with higher rates of disability and death compared to others.

Doctors and nurses should take this record of harm into account when deciding to administer a vaccine.

Members of the public are encouraged to review this information before deciding upon vaccination - so they can exercise informed consent

Employers should be cognisant of this information before mandating vaccines upon employees. To knowingly mandate a vaccine where death or disability is a possible adverse reaction may expose an employer to prosecution.